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No Lies Please has many essays and macros to help accelerate life. I’ve broken it down to more sections that might interest you, dear perceiver!

Artificial Intelligence


Fall Asleep Fast
This is a method of visualizing to fall asleep easily.

Fortunate: How to Be
Fortunate is one of my books about exploring what it means to be a conscious mind.

Free Will

Guided Meditations

Examples of haiku I have composed, as well as info on my book Poem Moves the Pen: Haiku of a Nondual Nature.

Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is a fun and interesting tool to add to your collection of memories!

Natural Will
Natural will (where your choices are all of Nature’s) is a transcending of the archaic ideas of free will.

Nonduality is one of the most Important tools for living: there is no separation between you and Nature.

Weekly Books
I have read a book a week for years. Here are some quick takeaways!