Hover-rounds by Miles Kendall One of the things I have noticed about this town is that there are a lot of obese elderly citizens thundering down the street in hover-rounds. It seems they take their immobility carts and bully the sidewalks while also trying to race cars like some insane derby. The invalid four wheelers

The Mind Chatters Away

This comes from a Facebook discussion. (Brandon) I’m impressed. He walked in on his phone, ordered food while on the phone, ate his sandwich on his phone, and walked out on it. It never left his ear… (Jesse) In some ways, this is how we always are, given the incessant chatter of the mind. It

Right-brained? Left-brained?

This stuff is pseudoscience. You aren’t either hemisphere. You are the interaction between both.

Power Corrupts But We Have Math

Any and all power corrupts, unfortunately. Fortunately, there are mathematical strategies that can distribute power in such a way that society is best served, and as we digitize more and more of our lives these strategies will be implemented.