Folly of Fanaticism

There is a sense of fanaticism that many experience when confronted with the facts of government’s immorality and unnecessary existence. It is defended like a religion, except this particular belief involves mass enslavement of other individuals. No system or absence of a system deserves such rigid adherence. Practice the principle of absolute doubt: free your … [Read more…]

Tool Toward Peace

Peace and civility are exist right there alongside liberty. This is not a mistake, for when a new liberty is established, the people rush to provide for one-another. So what can be done to expand the purview that the heart so longs for? I imagine the tool itself lies within your own being. It is … [Read more…]


Dreams tell us life is worth living. Without hope from dreams we don’t have the persistence to finish what we start, the balls to finish what we find scary and hard. So why not live like you’ll accomplish your dreams? Don’t have an attitude of “I’ll give it my best shot for 3 years, and … [Read more…]

Overthrowing Ideas

“My argument with the pure anarchists is they think the oblivion is the path, from which will spring a healthier society. And I completely disagree with that. It would take decades, and millions of lives, if it were pushed over the brink tomorrow. We would never live to see the new ‘better’ society that would … [Read more…]