Folly of Fanaticism

There is a sense of fanaticism that many experience when confronted with the facts of government’s immorality and unnecessary existence. It is defended like a religion, except this particular belief involves mass enslavement of other individuals. No system or absence of a system deserves such rigid adherence. Practice the principle of absolute doubt: free your … [Read more…]

Tool Toward Peace

Peace and civility are exist right there alongside liberty. This is not a mistake, for when a new liberty is established, the people rush to provide for one-another. So what can be done to expand the purview that the heart so longs for? I imagine the tool itself lies within your own being. It is … [Read more…]


Dreams tell us life is worth living. Without hope from dreams we don’t have the persistence to finish what we start, the balls to finish what we find scary and hard. So why not live like you’ll accomplish your dreams? Don’t have an attitude of “I’ll give it my best shot for 3 years, and … [Read more…]

Overthrowing Ideas

“My argument with the pure anarchists is they think the oblivion is the path, from which will spring a healthier society. And I completely disagree with that. It would take decades, and millions of lives, if it were pushed over the brink tomorrow. We would never live to see the new ‘better’ society that would … [Read more…]

Anger and Fear

Some respond with anger, some respond with fear; the best respond with calculated optimism. You shouldn’t be angry, it accomplishes less than reasoned thought. Spend the energy expanding your mind, instead of obscuring useful thoughts with hostility. Fearing for the future also leads to little progress. Fortune favors the brave, not the cowardly. Calculated optimism … [Read more…]

Sign of Truth

To know an argument is true requires something humans simply don’t have: infallibility. The brain is too fragile, the universe is too random, for a reasonable mind to accept anything as Absolute Truth. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t signposts that can point us toward better and more rational thoughts. Having the ability to discern … [Read more…]

Annoying Argument

Some arguments are annoying. One of these is the idea that because we have always done things a certain way, that must be the right way for them to be done. The mistake is thinking history was planned out and then implemented. History is the culmination of people’s experiences, and the reason things are the … [Read more…]

Peace, Liberty, and Civility

Do not be mistaken by some that claim to desire peace, for often times their ‘peace’ is at the expense of liberty. For instance, if everyone was locked in a padded cell, there would be extreme peace. The issue is not merely desiring peace but instead the balance between civility and liberty. Civility is a … [Read more…]

Free Your Mind

Your mind is the most important thing in your enjoyment of liberty. You may be physically restrained, but mental freedom is harder to confine. Think of the person you want to be. Write it down, and take a step in that direction every day. There’s no sense arguing with others when you don’t have your … [Read more…]


The desires of others to interact with you are influenced by your reputation. Being mean makes business suffer. There is a difference between feedback of transactions, and reputation ratings. Feedback, such as on eBay, serves as a way for the buyer to help or hinder the seller. A reputation rating can be as complex as … [Read more…]