Absence versus Failure

Is the absence of something the same as failing at it?

One really can’t claim that government can be efficient at a task. There simply are not the incentives for productivity and resourcefulness like there are for individuals in the free market. The real question is whether not doing something is worse than restricting it for others and then failing to properly do it anyway.

For instance, government is a monopoly on force, supposedly necessary because without a centralized military people wouldn’t self-organize to provide for the demands of security. Never-mind that freedom offers the best way to innovate ourselves out of a problem, it is too important to have a failing entity than one that might not appear.

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Statism Virus

The mind of an individual can be harnessed by government through mandatory schooling to conform to the will of people in power and to reject out-of-hand the idea of a stateless society.

The task at hand is not removing power structures themselves, but illuminating the hazard caused by the power structures. Help people understand the slavery they live under and how more liberty is the solution, and the power structure dissolves.

A structure requires support from something. In this case, it is support from the vast masses. Overcoming this inertia is terribly difficult, but small steps get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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Stolen Money

It has been said that accepting something not rightfully yours is theft. The problem with this simple is determining when something is rightfully yours.

If someone loses something for 10 years and you find it, is it rightfully yours? What if they die?

Ownership is a trickier subject than is usually realized. The best solution is to allow a free market in the market of property rights. Allow people to organically decide what is legitimate for them, and it will filter out and become a standard in law.

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Do One Step

Get things done, one small step at a time. If the hurdle is motivation, you should cleanly organize a plan of action and implement it, starting now.

Achieving great things is rarely made of one large step. It is many, many small steps done on a regular basis.

How does this apply to the advancement of liberty? Ask yourself what you personally can do to raise awareness. A small step a day keeps the government away.

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