Boring School

Modern schooling is insanity. Humans are unique, why should they follow linear paths designed to produce factory workers?

“Never let your schooling interfere with your education.”
— Mark Twain

In a world with humanity, one must either grow or else fall behind. Without a constant struggle for new thought, the mind withers.

The future is dependent upon creativity and ingenuity, these are the traits that should be encouraged.

Creative ideas come from vast experience and a pulling together of disparate ideas.

To create is to understand.

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  1. So I have jumped in to cover a Group Conflict in Communications cursoe for the rest of the semester here at Lyco and this week I introduced the topic of Making Group Decisions. So as a foundation to this, I had the class divide themselves up into groups and work through a SWOT. The topic, Lycoming College. I wanted it to be broad to see where they would take the analysis.The point to my response here is that one of the Weakness shared by every team was No Online Course Offerings . So I poked further to explain why this was viewed as a weakness. All of the students in the class collectively believed that having the opportunity to take online cursoes would better serve their educational pursuits. I of cursoes asked them to explain further . The responses shared were:- Having the opportunity to take online cursoes would allow me to complete all of the unneccesary classes, that I need for graduation, during the summer so that I could reduce my cursoe load during the fall and spring semesters and better focus on the more important cursoes. Also, I could pick up a third major and still graduate in 4 years.- I would take online cursoes during the summer so that I could graduate in 3 years. That would save me money in the long run by reducing my debt.Now I don’t mean to sound judgemental, but I would say that out of the whole class of 22 students, only 2 would probably use online cursoes to truly enhance their academic profile. Unfortunately, I believe all of the other students nodding yes to the idea of online cursoes would simply use the opportunity to reduce their class load to incorporate more time to take advantage of social education . a.k.a partying. Even further, I question whether they would stay focused and dedicated enough during the summer to complete an online cursoe.

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