Jury Produced Law

The current system of law is generally produced in a manner like this: the public casts ballots (voting) and certain people are chosen (elections). Some of these people write things down (creating bills) and then the group of chosen people vote on it (making laws). If enough do, it becomes law and now must be followed or else (prison).

I think there is a better way for people to organize and deal with the boundaries of rogue behavior: juries.

Think of it like this. You can define something as ‘wrong’ when enough people will cause a ruckus over it.

If people will not accept murder or rape, juries will encourage imprisonment and restitution (which is basically paying for damage). As the cases are decided in a particular place, people understand more and more about how not to act.

Is there room for a constitution that delineates rights in this idea? Yes, but ultimately anything that tells people how they must act will be abused. It is human nature to control, and so it’s better to have less, not more structure for the majority to abuse.

The best way to have a cohesive non-parasitic society is through law defined and redefined by juries, not politicians.


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