I Don’t Know

A faulty brain might not be able to determine if it is faulty. Thinking with the same ideas that brought us to the problem won’t solve it. The most basic idea is unbelief, not belief in nothing, but absence of certainty. The level playing field is not the assumption that everything is as it appears. … [Read more…]


Some ideas harbor the notion that certain things are universal, say the desire to live and continue living. However I don’t think universality ever actually exists. If only 99.99999% of a certain group is one way, that’s still not close enough, it’s not universal. If it is not universal, and it’s actually somewhere on a … [Read more…]

Relevance of Doubt

What is the point of doubt in ultimate knowledge? Why believe that your senses might be lying to you? I think the fundamental reason is because it shows the subjectiveness of the beliefs you hold. Here’s the thing. Each person comes to a conclusion as to what constitutes proof for them. Proof is itself arbitrary: … [Read more…]


Continually critique and refine your ideas. Seek to find any gap in your logic: tear down your own beliefs. Doubt certainties you have established within your mind.

The Show Must Start

No Lies, Please is proud to present: Skype 2010-11-16. We laugh, we cry, we throw our arms in the air! Too bad it’s only audio. Hosts (in order of appearance): Renegade, Vargr, Tom, Chuck, Jesse, Colleen The show had a few breaks so there is a slight pause between the parts. Chat links: http://serc.carleton.edu/introgeo/earthhistory/humanrace.html http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,989987,00.html … [Read more…]

More Defense Thoughts

There are a couple more points about free market provided defense that I have some thoughts about. What about roving gangs, how do those fit in? Gangs aren’t states because they aren’t accepted force. The term accepted is obviously subjective, but I think it can still be a useful concept, even if used loosely. It … [Read more…]

Chosen Association

If power corrupts, what is stopping a stateless society from being taken over by a state? I think there are two issues here that are important: the logistics and the fundamentals. Many have talked about the logistics and the problems of conquering millions of people that have unregulated weapons, and Iraq and Afghanistan are recent … [Read more…]

Structural Adaptation

There is an inverse relation between rapid development and amount of structure. A language like English, with less encouraged structure, can absorb new words and concepts at a faster clip than one that requires new words fit a preexisting mould of pronounciation or meaning. It applies to everything: the lower the barrier to entry the … [Read more…]

Lazy Positive Freedom

Does an easier life make people lazier? It might not make them lazy, but prehaps less persistent and productive. The more obstacles you have faced and overcome, the easier your viewpoint on life becomes. So maybe how much we achieve is more of a function of persistence in the face of difficulty. Persistence is a … [Read more…]

Individual History

Easing part of the human struggle is knowing that you can make a difference in the world. I don’t know what percentage of people realize it, but all people of history were individuals. It’s quite a sobering thought to think of the influence Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson had on their future. There are people … [Read more…]