Sadly, sometimes people seek out arguments they oppose in order to establish straw-men and knock them down. I don’t have things figured out but my experience has been that no one really has a clue about a vast number of mysteries. “Truth can only be hinted at, never known.” And so it frustrates me to … [Read more…]

Core Self

Imagine you were tasked with creating a new you, but had a limited amount of space to do so. How would you opt to partition your thoughts, memories, and desires? What would you choose as the most important guiding principles? Why would you be willing to leave behind the rest?

Problem of Politics

There is an intractable problem faced by all systems of rule, be they democratic, socialist, or fascist: humans abuse control. As long as people are involved in determining policies, the fact remains that humans enjoy rewarding friends and punishing enemies. Give power to a group, and they subjugate the minorities to expand their power. A … [Read more…]