Structural Adaptation

There is an inverse relation between rapid development and amount of structure. A language like English, with less encouraged structure, can absorb new words and concepts at a faster clip than one that requires new words fit a preexisting mould of pronounciation or meaning.

It applies to everything: the lower the barrier to entry the more that will coexist. Economics (companies), language (words), ecology (biological diversity), even note-taking (brain-storming). If you have to look up a precise category to be able to record every tidbit, instead of rapidly guessing and then reorganizing later, you will not make as many connections.

Ideas are networks of neurons firing in sync, and are inherently fuzzy. This is their great strength. When distinct ideas are combined we progress.

The best structure is after-the-fact processing. Things are created, then put on the table and looked at, with the worst ignored, but not deleted.

Mental structures can be a hindrance when they slow the rapid combining of thoughts.


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