The Show Must Start

No Lies, Please is proud to present: Skype 2010-11-16.

We laugh, we cry, we throw our arms in the air! Too bad it’s only audio.

Hosts (in order of appearance): Renegade, Vargr, Tom, Chuck, Jesse, Colleen

The show had a few breaks so there is a slight pause between the parts.

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– Part 1
the term ethnicity
insurance: where knowing “race” might be helpful
what if you are genetically “poor”?
leveling the playing field
– Part 2
changing DNA?
curing diseases through genetic modification
designer babies
ethical to change a baby’s traits?
curing a disease vs changing eye color
eye color contacts vs eye color surgery
universal moral
choosing morals
[blame the heavy breathing on Vargr, haha]
suing parents
allowing jurors to decide what is acceptable
but what about 2000 years ago?
suing for cutting the umbilical cord
absolute morality
hallucinating this show
knowledge and reality
– Part 3
[I apologize for the lost audio]
more metaphysical discussion
defining know
robber stealing
matter exists, and that’s a fact! (maybe)
absolute knowledge is not viable
doubt is healthy
the sky is blue
doubt tempers negative belief
belief in government/religion
a free market can replace a government
know vs believe
know from recorded history
truth is a gradient, not a 0 to 1 bit
I believe I am not going to die, so we _don’t_ all know we are going to die someway.
fundamental principle of morality
you have to believe from effect
non-violent communication
the term moral
killing a murderer: always right?
internally consistent morality is better, but not enough
morality is choosing what your goal is
killing a rapist
martyr situation
objective libertarian morality
absence of doubt encourages violence
anarchist moral argument
how big is your society?
are the people forcing driving licenses on you immoral?
what is moral
arguing from consequence
stealing back from people that stole from you
we just have uncrystalized conclusions
descriptive vs normative morality

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