Interpersonal Structure

The brain is a complex entity, full of tricks and loops. We each seem to like to think “I control me”, but this is a simplistic view. Our motivation stems a great deal from the environment we accept. In other words, we give each other structure. Place yourself in a structure that demands high-quality behavior, … [Read more…]

Interdependant Ideas

Ideas breed through recombination. Thought is a process of trying to put together as many ideas as possible that don’t contradict. There are new ideas, but most spring from the interconnections of disparate actions. When you need creativity, sleep on it.

Good versus Perfect

The good may not be the best. When it is the enemy of perfect, though, you have a problem. Sometimes things have to get done. In those cases it makes sense to choose the good. If the good becomes hostile to the ultimate perfect, though, it can trap you in a uncomfortable position. The idea … [Read more…]

Nonpredictable Future

The future is fundamentally difficult to understand. It is evasive, and yet also inevitable. It is evasive because any attempt to predict it necessarily changes the effects that produce it. Trying to then include that data becomes a circular intractable loop. The future is inevitable in the sense that continuing to exist and continuing to … [Read more…]