Convince Yourself

Harder than knowing what ought to be done is convincing yourself to do it. The key may be removing the barriers to accomplishment by not forcing yourself to complete a certain amount. Get done what feels right to get done, then do a little more. One more step is truly not too difficult.

Rule Breaker

I tell you the truth, there is no rule devised that should always be followed. Exceptions and alternatives are required to sidestep obstacles: rigid thinking halts success.

Nature’s Choice

Inherently we exist in nature, it is an inescapable fact. To believe that one is separate from the processes of nature is delusion, for there is no way to show that hypothesis false. Yet nature is not our friend, it is the substrate we move through. It does not choose us any more than it … [Read more…]

Death is Nothing

I for one reject death as an inevitable byproduct of life. If life is chemicals, death is subservient to them. Do not revel in fear, understand it and make it release its hold on you.