Impress Yourself

The state of ambition among the everyday person is directly tied, not to a culture or family, but themself. They have failed to be their biggest advocate. The only one you truly need to impress is yourself, for everyone but you is transitory. Act as you would want your best friend to act.

Fake Perceptions

We create illusions in our mind of how the world around us works. They are seldom accurate enough to withstand heavy critique. The most verifiable truth is that nothing is truly verifiable.

Life Length

Living is a miracle of science. It’s just the right length, not too long to feel bored during it, nor too short to be left wanting more. There is always something amazing going on, so many people living interesting lives, animals pursuing their instincts, plants guided by the sun and water and soil. It’s irresponsible … [Read more…]

Built From Choice

At every moment, whether you realize it or not, you are making choices. You are choosing to continue doing some activity, or switching to a new one. It seems to me that it is wise to choose that which motivates and pressures you to be better. Stick up for yourself. Lying to yourself that you … [Read more…]

No Level Cap

Your life is amazing. It has highs, lows, lulls and excitement. Much like a video game. However, life is not predefined. In games there is often a level cap, a point at which more effort does not equal more success. Life has no level cap. There is no predefined point that stops your success. Never … [Read more…]

Emotional Intelligence

It is my belief that while more knowledge can be debillitating more often than not it has a curative effect. Trying to shut off “scary feelings” through raw determination is counter-productive. What is important is not the emotion, but what is causing that emotion. If you merely hide from feelings the situation creating them is … [Read more…]