Always Do

Your ideas about how things are in the world cannot be completely true. The only way to know is to start doing. Do what makes you most happy.

Strengthen Weaknesses

In life we are blessed with certain strengths and weaknesses. If certain weaknesses are holding you back, focus on those rather than easier to improve strengths. We are composed of our faults.

Mind Serves Body

The body is the reason you exist, not the mind. Let no one tell you the mind is based on logic: it is an instrument wielded by the body to serve the body’s needs, not the other way around.

Sever Insanity

When the time comes to sever the dust of your past, just do it. If people are trying to make you accept their bullshit, just walk away. You build the world you want, and you have to accept that responsibility.

Reasoned Fun

Passion is not rational, but rationality is not the meaning of life. You didn’t dictate to be human, so you can’t dictate what you find interesting. Fun isn’t rational, it just is.