Immortal Belief

The belief of eventual immortality through science and technology is relatively rare, but I hold it close to my chest. Channelling the strength to ignore the precepts of current civilization, favor a bolder freer future, and break down the barriers of death is difficult, at times seeming impossible. Yet this belief is not magic, but reason. The state of man is advancing faster toward eternal bliss and joy. Forgetting the dangers of bombs or asteroids, we will soon arrive at a world unrecognizable. This belief in long-term existence places a new outlook on every moment, on skills to develop and what to invest time in. Ironically it suggests slowing down, trying to catch the golden moments as they pass by in the stream of life, instead of being focused on the future, on a rat race with an unintelligible goal.

Never give up, the perfect moment is just around the corner.

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