Interesting Risk

Risk is interesting, precisely because of the element of failure. If you turn on God Mode, games quickly lose their charm. The same is true of life. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t succeeding.

Mind Failure

If you don’t give up you haven’t failed. Imagine you have short-term memory loss and you are encountering a problem. No matter how long it takes you will keep trying to solve it, and eventually you will.

Changing Environment

When in doubt change the environment. Nothing is keeping you how you are situated. Don’t like how things are? Stop wondering and change them. The time will pass anyway, make the best of the moment you have now.

Daring Boldness

There is a tendency to over-think. Self-consciousness destroys the habit of using intuition. Behold the power of your unconscious, the holistic view that sees the gaps as well as the parts. What can be done by looking intently at the details of the parts, unless they bind together into a whole?

Moment Grasping

There is a choice to live the moment, and it must be continually reinforced by your action. It must be continually adapted by your brain and your philosophy of life, so that you exist in harmony with yourself. Move long-term goals forward, break them up and order them. Progress is almost always evolutionary, not revolutionary. … [Read more…]