Travel Simply

The world is your function, what you put in you get out. It’s really not that hard, life has a feedback loop. If you require vast machinery and the comforts of life to be happy, you will be unsatisfied. If instead merely observing a bug crawling on a rock, or a hawk perched in a … [Read more…]

Best Assignment

Friend, there is the old saying, “begin with the end in mind.” Applied to life, what does well-lived look like to you? Long-term satisfaction is difficult to stumble into, we must set up the causes. And the principles of those causes, that is what is important. Different people are different, but you are you. What … [Read more…]

Immortal Belief

The belief of eventual immortality through science and technology is relatively rare, but I hold it close to my chest. Channelling the strength to ignore the precepts of current civilization, favor a bolder freer future, and break down the barriers of death is difficult, at times seeming impossible. Yet this belief is not magic, but … [Read more…]


Today is the never ending forest of life, with all its splendor, complexity, diversity. We never really have anything but today, every moment, even forgotten memories embedded in the fabric of our brains, are lived through this set of hours.