Fortunate (ty11.9.3d6s)

Who knows? The practice of the fool is scarcely effective, but it takes the wise among wise to know how to teach him. And if the Mystery of reality wants to change him, only then will it occur.

Consider the benefits, hold them in your mind.

I can’t announce for you in particular problem, all things run together synergistically.

Oh but what wonderful luck to have such suffering, even with the good, no less.

How can we be on better terms, except by complimenting each other’s thoughtfulness?

The tiniest prick of hurt erases your concerns of the long-term, scaring away the nebulous demons, like a cross to their unholy being.

And oh how quickly that pain erases the concerns by adding more immediate ones, while the long-term strategy of contemplation yields a less concrete result.

Contemplation, reflection, shows a higher truth instead of the lower one. It removes obstacles instead of immediately tripping you. Yet this uncertainty created by freedom can never leave wholely. It’s crazy though to be so concerned with the fruits of the action.

Give your senses and hopes to the Mystery as an offering of joy through service to a higher cause.

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