System Corruption

Scientifically I believe individuals are products of their environment. I think evil people are caused by evil environments. Regarding capitalism and private property rights, I understand that they can have a tendency to concentrate wealth. My main problem with a system of government is that it institutionalizes violence. I think every system of government tried as yet, instead of preventing capitalist monopolies, only creates a worse variant: government monopolies controlled by the rich. As much as people might say “at least you can vote them out,” historically I wonder if that is true. The law seems to me much harder to change than business practices. If Big Business is always out to make the most profit, a cultural shift in buying habits seems to rapidly change the structure. Take for example, the “go green” movement. To me, honestly, it seems a foregone conclusion that the world will be green and sustainable, sooner rather than later. The reason is because many people feel good doing it and that translates to big bucks and fast change. With law, there never seems to be that pace. Laws are almost never repealed, is my understanding. How can that be reasonable, understandable, or moral?

Thus my argument is, while anarcho-capitalism may have a power structure, there is no proposed government system that is not _more_ susceptible to power structures. It’s like not wanting to get wet during a thunderstorm, so you use a metal umbrella that attracts lightning!

Alas, it’s a complicated issue. How one shifts a society away from a controlled structure, I don’t know. How one establishes a new country, with a stable, non-corruptible system, I don’t know. Of those two alternatives, the Free State Project in New Hampshire, seeks the first. Seasteading, popularized by Peter Thiel a co-founder of Paypal and angel-investor of Facebook, seeks to create many mini-country experiments on the high seas.

I don’t worry about it. Hakuna matata, in the Swahili words of Pumbaa.

It’s a fascinating and impactful problem.

If you could write the constitution for an imaginary land, what would you prioritize?

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