Why Doings

Why do you think we do what we do?

Are we culturally or biologically indentured to our past? Is the past writing rules that no longer make sense?

On a personal note, why do you do what you do? Do you do it for love, beauty, truth? Do you feel you are making a difference, that you are doing enough?

Are we humans singing the songs latent in our ancestor’s breath, or are we doing what could never be done before?

It seems to me that only if you take stock of the world and of your situation can you answer that question wholeheartedly. And how can you take stock of an everchanging landscape, where the minute you sketch down an idea it reveals itself subtly false?

Can you go to the core, describe the cause rather than the symptom? Again, why do you think we do what we do? I think separating nature from nurture is intractable on some level.

Instead of getting to the base, another tactic would be to identify systems in your life that are ill-suited to your animal nature, the nature of playing.

I don’t think man requires toil and suffering to be genuinely happy. If he is happy playing, he is then most human, moreso than any job that he does for money.

Why do you have all these things, for occasions that never occur? The sensation of security soon becomes a tomb. Consider your existence and why you are the way you are.

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