Progressing Past Destruction

Do you lock yourself in an artificial environment? I think we must step back and realize what is true and human. Modern life is not all that man can be. I don’t think civilization must return to nature. I think we must consider nature. The role of the environment should be to enhance you. One … [Read more…]

What is important to you?

(Fortunate ty11.10.30d7s) Why do happiness cycles sometimes seem so short-lived? I ponder my situation, how I feel trapped by my own greed, comfort, laziness. That upsets me even more, as if I don’t have control over even the basic things. I know I do; I’m just afraid, afraid of success, of getting tied down and … [Read more…]

Search For Your Core Self

Think about the cold and how it reduces action. It simplifies what to do. Think about how being cold impacts how you feel. You shiver and don’t want to move. Neither do you want to create. Your environment impacts how you feel and work. It changes the nature of the game. Set yourself up for … [Read more…]

Why Invoke the Soul

I’m sorry if I upset you. I’ve thought about it. I don’t feel there is a reason to believe in a soul. Our wonderful and amazing universe is awesome. Does it need another plane to make it more incredible? Couldn’t that reduce our ability to appreciate the explainable? We are our physical bodies. We are … [Read more…]

Living in Harmony

Consider the leaf. It’s stuck to a tree. It brings in energy and permits growth. Then it dies and falls to the ground. The tree is a little bigger. The leaf needs the tree. It would not exist without it. The leaf and tree serve each other. Perhaps humans are similar. We grow up in … [Read more…]

Conjure the Already-Done Feeling

I’ve been in funny places, certainly. The funniest are the ones where others don’t see the humor. It’s a kind of meta-joke that few see. I laugh, and they question. “It’s the cosmic joke!” I say, chuckling loudly. Our minds have incredible power to interpret a situation as humor. The important outcome is not the … [Read more…]

What Will You Imagine?

Civilization is headed toward the end of prediction. We progress so fast that conjectures of yesterday seem irrelevant tomorrow. Ubiquitous flying cars, no. Instant communication around the planet, yes. That seems more amazing to me, honestly. We have an information overload. That has been the reality of humans since the invention of the Gutenberg printing … [Read more…]

The Insights Never Stop

What do you get from what you’ve learned? You’ll get more if you invest time reflecting on your experiences. Sit down and think. Meditate on a problem and one hundred percent of the time you will discover a new angle. Insights come bounding toward the quieted mind. We spend so much time in front of … [Read more…]

Humans Need Interaction

Humans need mental stimulation. I’ve been in places without it, and I don’t recommend it. Humans are apes. You wouldn’t put an ape in a concrete box and call it moral. The Atlanta Zoo has nice facilities now. My dad, who grew up in Kenya, cried when he came to the States and saw the … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Mystery

How can humans not question reality? Each night we dream and each awakening threatens that reality. We have long questioned whether there is more to waking life than meets the eye. I have ultimately been persuaded of the possibility of a grander power. For me it was the idea that the fundamental particles of the … [Read more…]