A Factory of Ape Behavior

It amazes me what we primates build to suit our behavior which then warps us and creates novel action. I had an amusing insight at the mall today as I saw all these funny looking apes with all styles of fashion wandering the place, each with beliefs in their head. We really did evolve from nonhuman animals, and it really does show.

It’s natural and easy to get bogged down in the feelings of the short and medium term of life, without noticing the bliss of Now, or the serenity of Infinity. Mindfulness of these states increases happiness, obviously. Being aware of the feelings of your clothes against your skin, the scents of the air, the noises of your locale, all bring you closer to peace of mind.

It’s a habit, and it must be continually cultivated. Mindfulness of the irrelevance of life and acceptance of chaos will center your mind. Stress will be further away, not as pressing or concerning.

When you’re walking try to notice all the feelings in your muscles. When you’re sitting, notice the sensations of your body against the chair.

Pain is your body’s way of preventing further damage. It can be tuned down. Realize that pain is a sensation created by the brain. There are specific neurons firing in specific places inside that very skull that is creating your consciousness. Do you understand that neural pathways will reconfigure themselves when their output is accepted and ignored as unnecessary? Think through it and you can short-circut pain as unneeded.

In a similar way you can tune up your positive sensations by paying attention to them. If you can understand how something works, you can make it happen. Encourage the neural pathways to elevate your joy and serenity. The more you practice, the more you can do.

This is a type of meditation. Meditation is about training your mind for a benefit. It is a great inducer of peace.

We are human animals. You can direct your body.

Try it.

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