Be Genuine

I’d like to share a quote with you:

“You must, to stay focused on the important, be genuine and not lie to yourself. Your newly evolved brain cannot fool your much older hindbrain. There is nothing worthy attained by trying to trick and lie to your older self.

You are not just a Man, you are parts of all your ancestors. They are with you, not in memory, but in success. Everything good that they brought to the table is in you. Do not forget that fact, you are billions of years old, and just as successful. So be true to yourself and your ancestors.”

It’s true, I feel, and I hadn’t really considered it until now. We really are constructed from the brains of our ancestors. We have new memories and experiences, but we inherited those traits that led to their success, and we are better off.

Wanting your children to have a better life seems to be a universal evolutionary trait. Because of the intellectual capacity of man, it shows more readily. Man’s children don’t just have to have a little more food, we can invent whole new worlds and realms of satisfaction.

As animals, we have an evolutionary imperative to exist, grow, and multiply. I wonder where that will lead for humanity.

We are all individuals. We cannot directly sense others pain or pleasure. What if we could? What if we directly benefited from the success of others? If ignorance is indeed the cause of destruction, what if we felt what others felt?

Technologically we may be a distance away. Psychologically, we are not. Empathy is a muscle you can focus on and develop. Compassion can be cultivated, one step at once.

There is no short-term solution to humanity’s problems. The only way you can be happy is if you make a choice to enjoy the ride.

Here’s to making the choice!

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