Choose to Believe Fun

Regardless of our impressions, I’m not sure any people we have as heroes really have it figured out so much better than us. Human questions about existence have a timeless quality. People thousands of years ago were pondering their place too. Probably as the species grows in consciousness it becomes more of an issue. A dog barely can consider thoughts in relation to each other, but in us it can spark metaphysical angst.

I feel like there is no inherently correct philosophical system. Whatever faith you want to believe is what you will get. I like the saying, “I believe because it’s fun to believe.”

I don’t think you can really choose your beliefs. Your consciousness is a spontaneous event created from your brain structure, which also directly creates your beliefs. You can reason yourself into a corner, but the basis for reasoning you can’t reason yourself out of.

A man that has never been insane does not truly know what sanity is.

It’s similar to the idea of free will. If you didn’t freely choose your genetics, but your genetics creates your brain and personality, on what level are you responsible for your actions? There is no good answer.

On the whole though it’s a pretty good time to live, and a pretty good time to believe fun things.

“Everything about you satisfies your desire for existence.”

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