Conjure the Already-Done Feeling

I’ve been in funny places, certainly. The funniest are the ones where others don’t see the humor. It’s a kind of meta-joke that few see. I laugh, and they question. “It’s the cosmic joke!” I say, chuckling loudly.

Our minds have incredible power to interpret a situation as humor. The important outcome is not the high spirits, but applying those spirits toward improving things. The fun is also in creating more fun.

The immediate environment has a constant effect. Good feelings should be channelled into restructuring that environmental flow. You’ll step out of your comfort zone in the short-term. That widens it in the long-term.

Accomplishment changes your thinking. You forget the pain, effort, confusion. When you look back you see only the highlights. Looking back makes it seem easier.

Invigorate yourself using this “already done” mindset. Have a problem? Conjure the feelings that come from having already solved it. Feel the confidence radiating within. You’ve already done it, no sweat. Bring those feelings to the forefront of your mind. Let yourself win.

Like everything, the more you practice the easier it gets. Try this “already done” mindset. Instead of dread, you’ll barrel through. Super confident from the start, you don’t suffer. You relish the experience. It’s a positive feedback loop.

That drive permits you to be vulnerable, which prevents failure. Failing is learning something that doesn’t work. You can’t know what to do until you understand the context. That takes time. There’s no silver bullet, no magic shortcut.

Develop that skill to well up inner security and peace within you. It rockets you away from fear, toward bliss.

Maintain that feeling of already done. It gives you strength and the attitude needed to resist overextending and burnout. You don’t need to force meaning into life. Let it teach you, let it be.

When you’ve cultivated hope and energy, then focus on crafting your environment. That’s the proper method, I believe. It’s slow work. It’s a snow ball effect though. You grow your muscles as you break through barriers.

I feel life is equal parts growth and maintenance. The riddle is: not equal at the same time. It’s a constant shifting flow. It’s a balance through time, not during time. A week or year cannot capture your life story.

First focus on the growth. That gives you the hope to consider the maintenance. You must be growing to care about maintaining. Imagine yourself growing. From that come invisible seeds of success to start a garden with, then a field.

Soon you will look back and remember it as easier than it is. By then you’ve have cultured enough maintenance. But imagining beings have infinite wants. You will always want to grow. Satisfy it with an eye toward balance.

Focus always on how your brain feels. You’re with your body for the long-haul. Keep checking in with what you want. Nothing else has real significance.

Humans prosper easily. We just went over seven billion on Earth. That’s quite a few minds. That’s a lot of great imaginations. You can find a way. Show me where you didn’t, and I’ll show you falsified data.

It’s just a game. Take a deep breath and have some fun.

Isn’t that worth it?

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