Experience More to Make Better Art

What you put in, you get out. You can’t start with a theory of nothing and get out a theory of everything. You have to have a workable system. Things that will optimize and refine each other, leaving only the best. Then the final product includes the part between the parts. It needs to be a seamless experience, the whole package.

Interestingly, it applies to creating new ideas and innovating as with everything else. If you constantly change your frame of reference your brain will be shifting and adding new insight and patterns.

Stephen Fry, a comedian and thinker, said:
“Travel and reading are extraordinary pleasures, I couldn’t conceive of life without them.”

I feel the same way. They also appear to be the best ways to broaden the brain’s inputs, allowing it to create novel and profitable ideas.

Creativity is about connecting ideas. Even the idea that round stones roll and the invention of the wheel are simply connected thoughts. It seems obvious in hindsight, as every great idea does.

I think the actual part of creating a better world comes from your ability to generate new ideas. That comes from reading and travel and seeking unfamiliar environments. Only the individuals that are willing to ‘change their hats’ for awhile are able to see things from another side.

When you can see things from a different perspective, you are closer to seeing the bridge between the perspectives. Do that and you can add value.

Stephen Covey, of the awesome book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, said this:
“The key to objectivity is to realize we see things subjectively.”

We always are looking through our experiences. We see the world as we are, not as it is.

When we seek out new experiences, when we broaden our empathic skills, we strengthen our ability to create new and better art.

By creating better art, all your concerns will take care of themselves.

Are you creating better art?

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