Have Fun or Be Learning

Today I visited the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The main reason I went was to see the Darwin Exhibit, but I watched the Hubble IMAX movie too. Both were incredible in different ways.

The exhibit on Darwin was more thorough than anything I’ve ever seen before. I never realized he was only 22 when he set out on the HMS Beagle, or that the expedition was meant to last only two years instead of five.

I was very pleased to learn he was a good-humored character, not pretentious. Humane and reasonable. I didn’t realize that Alfred Russel Wallace, the other man that independently theorized about evolution by natural selection, wanted Darwin to get credit.

It’s amazing that life is so related. We are our history. I found it interesting that it said in the exhibit, “Evolution has no universal tendencies.” All species are equally evolved, in some sense.

Seeing the vast amounts of ingenuity in our humble ape in the Hubble movie made me cry. We were scribbling on caves 30,000 years ago, and now we are blasting off.

Our future holds no limit. That was another aspect that came to me as I saw the telescope’s pictures of the stars. If we manage to live through our destructive phase, which I feel is likely, we have so much space to explore. Billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars.

I don’t think there is any sense feeling confined by current trappings. Sometimes I let people get under my skin, but I should just walk away. Why put yourself near someone bringing you down?

This is a giant, mind-boggling world. Even more amazing is what the brain can discover by applying thought. Sit and think, and you will learn.

But what’s the point of learning? To have fun. Those are the only two legitimate reasons to do anything. The best is when you’re having fun learning.

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