Life’s Games

It seems to me that all life is a game, on differing levels. Some people like the game of a career, some like to raise kids, some like to further science, some like to play video games or watch TV all day. There is no game that is any more legitimate than any other. They are all equally games.

This makes me realize that no person’s preferred game needs to be followed by anyone else. If a man sleeps easy at night only doing the least amount of work possible, he deserves no more criticism than you for your preferred game. We are equally silly.

The interesting thing is when we aren’t satisfied with the game we are playing. Perhaps understanding the cosmic joke of life alleviates that to a degree. However, it intrigues me that some humans don’t realize the games we are all playing. I feel sorry for the man that doesn’t realize he can change how he feels if his take on the context of life is suitably changed.

I’m not sure if people want to be reminded it’s a game. To some degree is makes it seem less fun. But perhaps by escaping from the mediocre we will find a more fun game of life.

I love video games. As of now they don’t seem as interesting as other adventures in life, though. Nonetheless, they are all games.

We choose what games we will suspend disbelief in.

What game of life will you choose?

“That tiny voice in the back of your mind recalls that this isn’t the kind of life you wanted to live. It wants more, much more. It wants you to become far wealthier, to have an outstanding relationship, to get your body in peak physical condition, to learn new skills, to travel the world, to have lots of wonderful friends, to help people in need, to make a meaningful difference.”
— Steve Pavlina,

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