Living in Harmony

Consider the leaf. It’s stuck to a tree. It brings in energy and permits growth. Then it dies and falls to the ground. The tree is a little bigger.

The leaf needs the tree. It would not exist without it. The leaf and tree serve each other. Perhaps humans are similar.

We grow up in a society, and we help the society grow. All leaves help the tree grow in different ways. Our trees are not just the human civilization. Ours is the great massive ecosystem of Earth. We truly can affect the entire planet. We can end life, and change it.

Living in harmony with nature is not the right perspective. We should fit nature to serve us. We shouldn’t be slaves to our creators. The beaver does not live in total harmony. He destroys to make his life better. Can he worry about the floods he creates?

I feel we are the most magnificent creatures here. Yet the ecosystems that brought us out of the wild are magnificent too. Nature is incredible. There are no limits to the levels of interaction.

How do you reconcile your inner human with your inner animal? Maybe there is no right answer. Maybe you have to figure it out for yourself.

Humans are not mere leaves. They are more like offshoots. They can create what the tree could not. Humans can pursue their own passions, without worrying about societies.

You are an actor in your situation. You play and the environment responds.

When the animal and human are at peace, everything is right.

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