Make It Simple

The amount of space available for humans is virtually unlimited. This is because human brains are engines of imagination and resourcefulness. What once took ten humans can now be done with one robot, leaving the humans to solve harder problems.

It’s hard for me to think that job growth is inherently good for society. Why should it matter that everyone is employed if they are merely digging ditches instead of creating art? We need more artists, not a low unemployment rate.

Art is a creation that satisfies an emotion. What’s the point of living without having direction in one’s life? Emotions provide that direction. They are the output of a highly complex mind.

I think my favorite emotion is hope. It’s a powerful force for good. Hope breaks through barriers of fear and doubt. Hope reassures us that a better future is possible. It’s the driving force of history and progress.

You are never stuck in situations unless you allow yourself to be trapped by desires. You were born naked and helpless. That past is still part of you. I like this back-and-forth:
“Only do what you love.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Then make it that simple.”

It’s an intriguing philosophy. We tie down to dreams of wealth and health and happiness, and figure there is only one route to them. However, there is always more than one way, friend. The less structure you require, the happier you will be.

What’s true in travel is true in life: the less baggage you carry the better the trip.

I think that means we should only accept that which feels right. An unhealthy situation will not spontaneously improve. Even with few desires, if people around are bringing you down you will not be as happy as you could.

So I feel we should each cut the ties with bad situations, at least for a little while, and try out a better life.

The only thing constant is change. What will you change?

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