Justifying Pride and Shame

If you have no choice in something, is pride or shame justified? I don’t think you should be ashamed of your nose or proud of your skin color. You were born how you were born. You didn’t choose your skin color. Pride in a culture that shares the skin color seems superficial. Pride is a … [Read more…]

Start Asking What You Can Do

To start is magic. It’s like the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” We don’t think about things that we don’t remember. We freeze when faced to do something new. It’s much easier to keep going than to start. A mind is like a flowing river. Diversions shift the concentration. But focus on the … [Read more…]

Simplify to Love

Why not only do what you love? Are the obligations you create really necessary? I feel we humans have a tendency to overburden ourselves with helping others or our future selves without taking into account the Now self. It’s a beautiful thing to watch your body exist, the blood pumping, the breaths, the muscles relaxing … [Read more…]

Be Genuine

I’d like to share a quote with you: “You must, to stay focused on the important, be genuine and not lie to yourself. Your newly evolved brain cannot fool your much older hindbrain. There is nothing worthy attained by trying to trick and lie to your older self. You are not just a Man, you … [Read more…]

Have Fun or Be Learning

Today I visited the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The main reason I went was to see the Darwin Exhibit, but I watched the Hubble IMAX movie too. Both were incredible in different ways. The exhibit on Darwin was more thorough than anything I’ve ever seen before. I never realized he was only 22 when … [Read more…]

The Penguin and the Lion

Have you heard the story of the penguin and the lion? The penguin, that small flightless bird that agilely swims through the water, was born in a zoo. Similarly, the lion was born in a circus. The penguin’s name was Fred, and lion was named Tiger. The employees tried and tried to teach the lion … [Read more…]

Taking for Granted

I wonder about how much stuff we take for granted. Most people take government for granted. We take the progress of technology for granted. Many take death for granted. Even little things, like familiar sayings and how much personal space before something is considered rude are taken for granted. Travel is good for this, it … [Read more…]

Fortunate (ty11.10.12d3s)

It’s funny trying to think while hungry. I don’t know if I’m someone that has mastered that art as yet. The trick is constant practice. How is it we let things into our daily schedules and they gradually take over our minds? Do we love too much? I guess we can’t raise our desires, we … [Read more…]