Pay Attention to Your Animal-Self Too

Don’t forget, we are apes. Keep in mind that your emotions and intuitions have data far beyond the reach of your speaking mind.

It seems to me that we have a tendency to keep zooming in to the problem, when taking a step back is better. Step back and you can look at the method instead of just looking with the method.

Thought is neurons sending chemicals to each other. That’s it. There’s no magic in the brain. It’s just fantastically complicated.

Your speaking mind is created by your subconscious. Your ego serves your subconscious. It works well at helping your body solve problems. Your ego is not you, though. You have more neurons than just the ones that create the ego-illusion.

Your body is really what is in control, not your ego. Why not optimize for the body’s happiness? Try to please your inner emotions and you will be happier. Trying to please the ego is like trying to draw a waterfall. It may work briefly, but it doesn’t last.

Feeling sad, embarrassed, or angry is your inner emotions trying to alert your conscious that something is wrong. Your animal-brain is good at strategy, the long-term techniques, but your human-brain is better at tactics, the short-term techniques.

You should apply your human-brain to problems your animal-brain can’t solve. That’s leveraging both parts. Concentrate on developing better systems, not on living in them. Let your animal do that.

We human consciousnesses have only recently evolved. 30,000 years ago we were beginning to express our emotions with art on caves. We are still mostly animals.

If that’s so, try taking your human-self a little less seriously. Pay more attention to the animal-self. Live like you’re fascinated.

Treat your ape like an ape and your human like a human.

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