Progressing Past Destruction

Do you lock yourself in an artificial environment? I think we must step back and realize what is true and human. Modern life is not all that man can be.

I don’t think civilization must return to nature. I think we must consider nature. The role of the environment should be to enhance you. One that drives you insane should be changed.

I feel government does not progress society. The violence of government is an inherent problem. We create a system of laws that breaks our natural interaction instead of aiding it.

All history is individuals. Groups can only act when individuals act. One person makes change.

Everyone is different. These differences create innovation. We break into the new by combining ideas from the old. Humans gradually progress.

We never destory the old ideas. We still know how to knap flint into an arrowhead. We can build the ancient machines of the past. This standing on the shoulders of history prompts faster progress.

The new is often better than the old. We give up past techniques so the future is brighter. We use a metal knife instead of a stone. We ranch, instead of hunting in a forest. Though the old exists, we prefer what allows the most fun as a whole.

That is why I feel government will disappear. Humans can invent better ways to organize. It’s only a matter of time. The methods will spread through individuals and revolutionize our productivity and happiness.

It’s possible that government will end our species if we do not abandon it. We are in a technological adolescence. If someone pushes a button, millions could die. The system of government creates bad people. We must not think the problem is the people. The situation manufactures evil.

This idea is radical. It needs to be developed further for people to be ready. But I think it’s inevitable. Better systems win over time. That’s how things change.

How can you help develop the solution? We must map out humanity’s problem of violence. I think it comes from our nature as territorial animals.

Many apes war, but few have groups of millions. It seems the issue is not the warring, but the group size. I’m not sure humans will have peace until the power is divided to the local level. Unless you are responsible for yourself, the system will manufacture war.

That’s the natural result of our current system. Any bad system will produce bad results. Don’t blame the people. Construct a better system.

If you wish to progress beyond destruction, you should pay attention to natural history.

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