Search For Your Core Self

Think about the cold and how it reduces action. It simplifies what to do. Think about how being cold impacts how you feel. You shiver and don’t want to move. Neither do you want to create.

Your environment impacts how you feel and work. It changes the nature of the game. Set yourself up for success. Redefine your life.

Where are you most productive? How do you feel? What is it that gives you inspiration? I like to be outside. The abounding life around inspires my ingenuity.

Simplify the situation of your life. Before anything else focus on what’s important. What gives you meaning is a hard road to travel. But nothing else compares to the impact.

Take off less important things from your plate. Be more focused on your own happiness. From there you can help others from a place of strength. It’s like concentrating light into a laser. You want to be a laser, not a dim bulb, doing too much at once.

Luckily, you aren’t set in stone. If you don’t like what you thought you would, change. No choice is life-long. If worse comes to worst, change your name. You can always start over. There is always another chance. This fact sets you free to learn.

You don’t decide what to be. You find out who you are. You do that by creating and exploring yourself. It’s a process of discovery, not choice. Your personality is based on your parents and childhood. What you like is not something you can change with self-control.

If you enjoy being a farmer, be a farmer. If you enjoy being a soldier, be a soldier. Whatever you do, make sure you love it so much you can’t imagine doing anything else. You are the artist of your future. You are the creator of your being.

It seems to me that’s the most important. You don’t need to know anything besides who you are and what you like. Everything else is secondary. You become good at something because you love it. When you love what you do, you overcome obstacles.

Figure out who you are. It’s the most important activity you can do. It determines how happy your life will be. Joy isn’t about big houses and fancy cars. It’s about knowing who you are. Knowing your core self and the little things you enjoy.

How can you find this core? How do you uncover this hidden self? Here’s a tip from Steve Pavlina. You ask yourself what your purpose in life is. Then you write, without censorship, until you cry. You ask yourself why you’re here. Do it earnestly, and you will cry. That’s what you need to do.

Everything about you changes over time. Your character is not stable. However, act like it will last forever. Then you have the courage to do what’s right. You can get out of a bad situation. You won’t fear barriers in your mind. Nothing holds you back from being who you are.

Will you search for your core self?

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