Simplify to Love

Why not only do what you love? Are the obligations you create really necessary? I feel we humans have a tendency to overburden ourselves with helping others or our future selves without taking into account the Now self.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch your body exist, the blood pumping, the breaths, the muscles relaxing and contracting. Think of the enormous numbers of neurons firing in the brain. These are machine-like deterministic cells yet they create a pattern of thought that reflects on their own existence.

Thinking of the very-long-term or the Now both force us into a state of contentment. You can’t help but feel at ease when considering the vastness of space and time, or the ever-present magnificence of your own environment.

You must make a choice to cultivate the habit of mindfulness, but every moment you do builds upon the last. You may only remember true perspective once a day, but that strengthens the connections that raise the awareness next time.

As long as you make peace with death, the ultimate loss, you can build your muscle of contentment. The more content you are, the less you require to be happy. It’s like a positive-addiction.

But I think we put too many things in life, cramming it until the juice and tasty bits are squeezed out. Life should be simple. Simple is the ultimate sophistication.

It’s hard to figure out what you really want to keep in your life. Try setting limitations to immediately see what you value and don’t. Priorities are about removing the less-important.

What is not important that is still in your life?

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