Taking for Granted

I wonder about how much stuff we take for granted. Most people take government for granted. We take the progress of technology for granted. Many take death for granted.

Even little things, like familiar sayings and how much personal space before something is considered rude are taken for granted. Travel is good for this, it puts things in perspective. It changes the lens you look-through to a lens you look-with.

You inspect your attitudes and beliefs when you confront people with vastly different ones. It’s initially a shock, but it’s something we can grow better by experiencing.

It’s all about the stories we tell ourselves. We say to ourselves this something is true, even when nothing is set in stone, and there are hundreds of ways of having success and being happy.

Even given your specific genes and personality, there is more than one occupation that will engage you and help the world. You don’t have to stick with something, you don’t have to figure it out and settle down. Doing anything will get things done.

One moment at a time, my friend.

“Love while you do.”

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