The Ultimate Mystery

How can humans not question reality? Each night we dream and each awakening threatens that reality. We have long questioned whether there is more to waking life than meets the eye.

I have ultimately been persuaded of the possibility of a grander power. For me it was the idea that the fundamental particles of the universe could be bits of information on a computer in a higher reality. It’s an intriguing idea. It really does place certain knowledge outside of our purview.

If we are beings in a simulation, we cannot observe the simulation itself. What exists beyond, whatever is in control, is the ultimate Mystery. There is no way to grasp what is too large or too small.

If there is a Mystery reigning over our reality, I think it is benevolent. Kindness is truth, it is long-term power. Malevolent destruction does not outlive creation.

Could the Mystery be uncaring? Yes. It depends on the purpose of the simulation. If the simulation is designed for learning and having fun, I don’t understand an uncaring entity.

The Mystery is the controller of the simulation we are in. In this idea, you cannot violate its order. It sets the rules before you exist.

The Mystery will remain neither disproven nor proven. You must choose to live as if it exists. If it makes your life more fun, I recommend it.

“Here is my presumption: On some level, a simulation of the universe is likely. Given a simulation, a simulator is likely in control. Given a simulator, it is likely or at least possibly concerned with our reality. Given concern, it could manipulate everything we perceive, and control every aspect of reality, if it desired. Given an infinite level of realities, mightn’t some level be controlled by a benevolence?”

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