What Will You Imagine?

Civilization is headed toward the end of prediction. We progress so fast that conjectures of yesterday seem irrelevant tomorrow. Ubiquitous flying cars, no. Instant communication around the planet, yes. That seems more amazing to me, honestly.

We have an information overload. That has been the reality of humans since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press. Life should get better as technology advances. Break down your assumptions about life. What do you want?

I feel humans want a brighter future. Essentially that means a more fun life. As a thinker in the current generation, can you create a fundamentally more fun existence?

Most humans have hobbies, things done for love rather than money. One speculation on the human love of hobbies is that it allows us to innovate more rapidly, without dedicating full-time people. This allows the creation of revolutionary advances like the wheel and pulley.

How would you make the life of a primitive man more fun? The most fun comes from interacting with other humans, in games. Many social animals play as youngsters, dueling and imagining to be villians or heroes. The human animal loves to play, to imagine, to create games.

What are you left with, when you take to heart that all manual labor will be performed by machines? To me it seems all humans must be involved in the play and creation of games. By games, I mean activities of the imagination.

When cars drive themselves and busywork is replaced with easier alternatives, we have so much free time. How do you want to add value to the lives of others? How will you make life more enjoyable?

While framed this way, look back at the big picture of life on planet Earth. There is room for all imaginations. It has no limit. Human games are infinite. We solve the problems of life with games. As Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

How will you encourage the imaginations of others? It’s the most important task a human can perform. Each person is an artist, each person is weird. We all have unique and fascinating perceptions.

When manual labor is taken off the human agenda, what imagination will you bring to the table?

Use your imagination. Build value for others. Make life more fun.

The best part is: it’s free.

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