Why Invoke the Soul

I’m sorry if I upset you. I’ve thought about it. I don’t feel there is a reason to believe in a soul. Our wonderful and amazing universe is awesome. Does it need another plane to make it more incredible? Couldn’t that reduce our ability to appreciate the explainable?

We are our physical bodies. We are emotions and thoughts and feelings and intuitions. Do some investigation, all those things are explainable. We already have an essence, we don’t need a special force outside of our bodies.

Why bring up this topic, when it provokes uneasiness? I feel it’s because when you believe there is magic in life you can’t fully appreciate the beauty of it. The man who requires the unexplainable to explain the explainable decreases the enjoyment he can have.

Things don’t have to change because of a soulless universe. Everything can still happen for a reason. There can still be a higher power. God and the soul are separate issues. Life can be understood. To me that is more amazing than an animating spirit.

Are you sad to be made to atoms? Or is it more impressive that a universe can be this wonderful with only atoms? Isn’t it beautiful that all the creations of nature can be figured out and understood? The more complexity you have, the more beautiful life can be. A soul is simplistic.

It truly makes me sad. Why degrade science when it is more fantastic and amazing than a soul? Why tear down the Mona Lisa with a child’s drawing?

I feel it’s fear. Fear convinces people of this dead idea. They want to live forever, and they are willing to believe insane ideas. Your consciousness is created by the brain. If the brain dies, why would the consciousness live on?

You are you because of your memories. If you’re hit with a rock in the head, you might change. Your memories could be disrupted. Your personality might be disturbed.

This fragileness is not fixed by believing in an eternal soul. This should affect your life. Wear a seatbelt, wear a helmet. Don’t do drugs. Belief in a soul could encourage you to do risky behaviors! How about that for an unintended consequence?

It’s sad to me. I don’t think you gain by adding magic to the world. You don’t need magic to explain a sunrise. It is more beautiful to appreciate the science and elegance of the math. You don’t need a Sun God. Why invoke the soul?

Regardless, if you enjoy believing it, that’s fine. I’m just here to provide mental stimulation. Do what you enjoy.

I feel it’s more fun to believe that everything is explainable. The nonexistence of souls need not eliminate a higher power.

Believe what’s fun.

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