The Future isn’t Planned

Humanity isn’t advancing in a predefined direction. Each person has an impact on where we will be in a hundred years. It’s like a rock tumbling down a hill. Any small variation will change the course dramatically. The ride from bad systems to better ones is not smooth. Humans are complicated creatures. Thankfully, it seems … [Read more…]

Let go

You are a human being, and it is when you let go of your desire to achieve that you can be. That being is how you learn who you are. It’s not through achieving contrived ends. It’s when you watch yourself acting that you become fully aware and engrossed in the process. Let yourself go. … [Read more…]

Free Will is Disempowering

Why do humans want to believe in free will? Free will is the ability to make choices without being imposed upon. You are not free: you did not choose to be born. You did not choose to whom or when or where. Clearly we are animals. How can meaning be found in your animal? The … [Read more…]

The Path of the Future

Matter has changed through time from chemicals to animal and man. It’s been a long path, like a haphazard goose chase. Now on Earth there are reflecting beings that think in precise words and math. Where will they go? What will you decide to spend energy on? You develop the energy stores you have. Twenty … [Read more…]

Be Thankful for Others That Help You

There are so many things. How do you find what you’re thankful for? There’s no systematic way. You have to start with the little things. Many things are outside your control. Your self-reliance is basically an illusion. Be thankful that things turned out the way they did. What is important to you? Why you go … [Read more…]

Design Your Simple Life

Design is harder than manufacture, but offers more leverage. Knowing what to do is harder than doing it. Design is hard. You must decide your values. You don’t know what to pay attention to. With life or a product you have to pick and choose. You have to cut things out that are less important. … [Read more…]

Overcoming Regret and Fear

There are two kinds of regret. One is regret from acting. The other is regret from not acting. Regretting not acting is probably uniquely human. Imagine you’re a bear. You see a funny looking black-and-white animal waddling about. You play with it, only to be sprayed with a foul stench. Learning not to play with … [Read more…]

Keep Pushing, You’re Never Right

You don’t fear the blank page when you recognize your place in the creative world. Man is a powerful animal. He can overcome his problems if he’s determined. You can sit down and do the work. You can become better. Your brain is the output of the animal that’s evolved for millions of years. The … [Read more…]

Enjoy and Create

Enjoy yourself, even when the future is uncertain. Your sense of the future should serve your present-self. Create a better future. I like to focus on the Now, that sense of fingers on keys or clothing against skin. It brings peace to forget the future. But this concentration on the Now is not easily sustainable. … [Read more…]

Liberty Comes from You

Every benefit must have a cost. The taste of cake comes at a cost. Skills you learn cost time. If everything has a cost, why assume political systems don’t? The benefit might be an illusion. There might be unintended consequences that you didn’t know about. An example would be minimum wage laws. They make it … [Read more…]