A Vision of Humanity’s Possible Future

The following is a conjecture of humanity’s possible long-term future.

Fundamentally I think the reason to live is to love and have fun. That seems the driving force behind human motivation. We run from the scary, but that’s not a creative urge. That’s an animal fear. Our humanness strives to invent fun and reduce boredom.

Having fun is important. Humans are headed toward the direction of more art. Act now to promote your skill of creating an emotional impact on others. That is worth money. Learn the craft of building a roller-coaster of emotion for others. That means your ability to produce value is unlimited. Video games and entertainment are not going away.

Technology springs forward and we soon will have an augmented reality. A monkey brain with attached computer chip can learn to control an artificial arm in another room. At some point this will be commonplace. We will control things with our minds. We will have an Internet link inside our brains.

It will soon be possible to digitally copy the activity of all 100 billion neurons in the human brain. Interface the digital copy with the analog and a brain can be stored inside another.

More brains connected makes it easier to solve problems. That permits more fun games. Eventually all memories will be merge. It would be fantastic to have the memories of an Einstein or Plato, or a tiger or bear. This tentative step toward immortality seems inevitable.

A merged mind will find it most fun to contact extraterrestrial intelligences. Even with artificial intelligences, most fascinating for humans will be interacting with entirely new life.

We explore the universe, merge with the experiences of other creatures, and continue to have more and more fun.

Death is effectively conquered.

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