All Things in Balance

The world really is fascinating, no matter humanity’s end. Imagine we wipe ourselves out in the future. Is your life still meaningful?

I think a meaningful life comes from combining four fundamentals. The terms may vary but the four aspects of life are the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Focus on all four at once and life is lived at a higher caliber.

The most urgent is the physical. You must have a body to exist. Your mind and creative forces are beholden to the needs of the body. It’s a fine instrument, take care of yourself. Maintain your body well. Everything flows from that.

The emotional aspect emerges deep from the physical. It’s how you feel about yourself and others. It’s a powerful generator of action. There is great depth to your emotions. Use them as a compass.

The intellectual is the love of learning. It is a place of great growth. Humans always want more. For that you must never stop inventing. To invent you must know. Curiosity is never quenched.

To round it out is the spiritual. It provides meaning for the rest. As a human’s depth grows the spiritual becomes more pressing. You must find a reason to act. If you don’t it all becomes futile.

Human life should have these four in balance. That reduces overall difficulty. Focusing on only one aspect will dull the others. That creates internal conflict. Any slight benefit is overshadowed by the importance of the other aspects of life.

At any point in time you can only be focused on one thing. But the goal of an evolving human should be to keep the big picture in mind. That leads to much greater success.

I have often dived head first into a project and ended up burning out. It goes great for awhile then becomes overwhelming. I think that’s caused by giving too much attention to only one aspect. All four must be kept in mind together. Inner peace is the benefit of balance.

I’ve heard the saying, “All things in moderation.” It never made sense to me.

Perhaps “all things in balance” is more meaningful.

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