Be Kind or Be Silent

I don’t understand default hostility to others. We can all help each other. When you fight another you are fighting yourself. That bad attitude puts you down a derisive path. That is a lonely, sad path.

Bring friendly is more work. You have to learn. It’s also more productive. Believe in success in the long-term. Focus on the little things you can do now to be at peace with others.

Civilization is made of cooperative networks. Even warring nations have internal tribes. With global violence shrinking, you must learn to trust others. Dealing subtle blows has downsides.

Your previous environment need not dictate your future. Keep your hostilities to yourself. Whenever you degrade another’s reputation you slide down the slope of your own.

Keep quiet if you have nothing productive to say. Humans are emotionally needy. We exist because our ancestors were supreme social animals. Degrading that social fabric is shortsightedly selfish and naive.

You do harm to yourself when you treat people wrong. Treat others how you’d like to be treated by them. Your love becomes shallower when you don’t trust others. Love is what will make you happy in the long-run. The muscle of thinking before you speak must be slowly exercised. Every time you practice you improve. It’s vitally important to be kind.

You are an average of the people you interact with. The quality of people around drops when you harbor resentment. Biting sarcasm brings only low-quality people around. Change your attitude to peace, not snake venom.

Focus on the experiences in life you want. Unless smart-ass responses are what you want, don’t make them. The less you respond to the impulse, the less it affects you. You life becomes dominated by the things you allow. Don’t step onto a slippery slope.

Have care with your words.

Your words change your attitude.

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