Enjoy and Create

Enjoy yourself, even when the future is uncertain. Your sense of the future should serve your present-self. Create a better future.

I like to focus on the Now, that sense of fingers on keys or clothing against skin. It brings peace to forget the future. But this concentration on the Now is not easily sustainable. Temper it with a purpose. Have a hope for the future and you can slowly increase your Now-presence.

You can be at peace in the Now. A more stable life might result from building strategies for all aspects of time. The past is important. The short, middle, and long-term futures are important. The Now is what gives happiness, but focus on improving all views of time.

You are what you decide. You can be content. You can be happy now if that’s the choice you make. Now-happiness can be used to create new systems that improve your sense-of-presence in the future.

Take a step back. Ask what makes you unhappy. Start there. Create solutions.

Taking the step into the Now lets you break from your longings and worries. This mindfulness is hard to acquire.

I think you should do both. Work in the Now on something that helps the future.

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