Experiences, Not Things

Your mind is the requirement to be at peace. After your physical needs are satisfied, choose to apply your insight to your inner confusion. Physical things can’t satisfy you. Think experiences, not things.

The beauty around you is worthy of your love. Life is complex in so many intricate details. The closer you come to the flower, the more unaware you realize you are.

Consider what you are to that flower. Is there a good in you that is not in it? You and life are one. You can’t exist without them.

Try to live with that as the case. Driving a wedge between nature and your modern life creates uneasiness. Nature was here long before you. It has many things figured out.

Nature gives power to your mind. You experience nature as it experiences you.

You and the ant are different sides of the same coin. You are amazing, but so is it. Will you study to apply the beauty of life to your inner core?

We live in a time where it is easy to surround ourselves with modern junk. It’s novel, so it’s intriguing. But old creations are better because only the good lasts.

Take stock of where you stand in the natural and modern world. Where do you stand in the face of junk? You will suffer greatly if you create a false barrier between yourself and other life.

Humans originated in trees and savannas, not cubicles and cars. Perhaps the simple life, more in line with your ancient genes, is actually more enjoyable.

Modern life is an outcome of the natural world. They can be combined. The balance must be learned.

The world really is beautiful. It contains the things of dreams, more fantastic things than you’d imagine.

Cut back on the things that hurt you.

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