Free Will is Disempowering

Why do humans want to believe in free will?

Free will is the ability to make choices without being imposed upon. You are not free: you did not choose to be born. You did not choose to whom or when or where.

Clearly we are animals. How can meaning be found in your animal? The animal is not concerned with the future. It lives in the Now. Its anxiety is created by the worries of the human.

Let go of your concerns. Acknowledge they are trivial. The universe is big. Your problems are not.

Humans want free will to feel like they have power over the universe. You have a limited will that is created from your situation. You cannot choose what you cannot imagine.

Everything follows the laws of the universe, but we want to feel special. But acknowledging your limited will gives you more peace and control.

You respond to your environment in predicable ways, not your own ‘force of will’. Realizing this will let you create a better, more tolerant life.

Ironically a free will belief disempowers you from having more control over your situation. Believing you can do things you can’t do prevents you from doing things you can!

Giving yourself this mistaken power inflicts unhappiness. It is not your situation that determines your happiness but how you look at it.

The unrealistic demands of free will limit the happiness you can have. You should see the world as an exciting place to play in, not a battleground where you must fight to achieve. That won’t make you happy.

Achievements float away. They do not have lasting value. Focus on playing, not achieving. Your achievements can be taken away. The joy of play will always be with you.

Free will lets you feel responsible for your achievements. It’s an illusion. True joy is a life of play.

Free will is disempowering. Be happy for what has formed around you, and let the worry go.

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