Have Better Explanations

Beliefs should make your life better. Choose between valid beliefs and choose the most empowering.

What you do, you consider right. On some level you accept the terms. Perhaps other beliefs are equally true yet more empowering.

The belief you can fly might be empowering. Don’t jump off a building, though. I think an understandable universe is more empowering than an incomprehensible one.

Nothing is added to an explanation when something is declared as beyond science. It presumes that unknowable is better than knowable. That doesn’t make sense to me.

It’s more sensible to seek understanding. The world is complex. Adding an unexplainable attribute to explain is pointless.

If you feel something will one day be explained, offer a testable hypothesis. Otherwise you’ve done nothing constructive for the situation. All you have is useless opinions.

Anecdotes are compelling. Humans learn through stories, but sometimes stories mislead us. Anecdotes cannot compare to actual testing.

We are complex. We are still understandable. Is weather understandable? Not thousands of years ago. Every day we guess, test, and advance. We push toward more reasonable explanations.

Life has amazing structure and diversity. It gives awe. It’s still sensible. It’s just full of billions of quick fixes that work. Life is crazy-complicated.

Notice the structures around you and how intricate they are. The complexity might seem too much for the brain to handle. It’s a choice to believe that. There is no mathematical or philosophical reason a future human can’t understand nature.

Imagination is our most human of abilities. It’s disempowering to disable it by saying we can’t understand. We will make progress. We have to build up from the basics.

Starting with nothing is always difficult. Now we have the progress of previous humans as well. Many people through time have conquered their self-imposed limitations. Why not conquer your own?

You can break out from what you think you can do. Keep yourself pure and honest and build up.

Why should anything be unexplainable?

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