Hope Sets You Free

It’s funny how we change over time. Acquire new experiences and you interpret things differently. You become better, more nuanced.

We start out relatively simple. When I was a kid I remember being afraid of all the complexity of the desktop computer. How on Earth can I know what wire goes where? Long gone are those days. I’ve discovered the knowledge. As I learn more, my fears disappear. Knowledge kindles courage.

It seems to come down to that. Understand something and your fear is less. You know what to do. Worry becomes unnecessary.

Procrastination can come from fear. Face a monolith task and you might freeze. You must learn to break it down into manageable pieces. That’s the first step on the road to accomplishment.

Break the issue into parts. You can then see how each interacts. That teaches you how to improve efficiency. There is no fear of a tiger when you understand him. You deal with the situation as it is. Become aware of the pieces that come together to make something a reality. That is a task in itself. It generates assurance and hope.

Fear comes from doubt. If you know, you act. If you doubt, you can be paralyzed. First learn what the problem is. Many useless ideas have been pursued without trying to solve a problem. These never affect humanity on a grand scale. Look at the big technology companies: Google, Apple, Amazon. These are companies directly trying to solve a problem.

Get close to understanding the problem. That determines how fast you acquire the skills to solve it. This is a daily struggle, don’t doubt that. Never forget, every single step up the mountain makes you stronger.

You can do it if you want to. Realize that. It’s a powerful generator of hope.

What scares you now? What holds you back from feeling empowered? You have so many valuable talents to offer the world, you need only put boots on the field.

Fear may hold you back, but hope sets you free.

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