Humility and Pride

Why be humble instead of proud?

The first answer is that humility allows you to change over time. You can correct your errors of judgment.

There is a social component as well. You enjoy the company of the humble more than the proud. Self-deprecation creates a void. We know it’s not true and we fill it with stories of how the person is good.

What about personal accomplishments? Pride doesn’t help you. You aren’t in control of reality. You are created by your environment and situation.

Appreciate the good for good’s sake, not for how much good it brings to you. Pride offers no increase to the love you have for what’s around. Humility does. It allows you to understand there are ever greater levels of perception and beauty. Without humility you cannot have that realization.

Be humble in the face of the awe you feel. That allows you to experience even deeper awe. It’s not about tearing yourself down. It’s about acknowledging powers greater than you can imagine. You are merely one small grape clutching the vine. What you create is due to the vine and the Earth and the Sun. Not you.

Pride adds nothing to your life. It only soothes your ego. Your entire animal will feel better if you accept humility and awe instead.

Reality can be so beautiful it makes you weep. It can be overwhelmingly joyous. There can be too much good to process. It feels good to experience this humility. It teaches that it all works out.

There is no need to fear running out of good. You can always split your mind, your experience. You can uncover a new aspect of truth in a fresh run, without the baggage of the past. That is what humility offers.

Pride cuts you off from the rest of existence. Humility reveals existence to you.

What besides existence is there? You realize you are inseparable from existence. Humility puts you squarely in it. Pride needlessly conceals it from you.

Do not be proud of your individual accomplishments. Be humbled that you live in a time where you had opportunity. Be humbled that good things came together to create you and use you to create more beauty and truth.

Be ever thankful for the opportunity. Acknowledge the beauty of everything around you.

Do not set foot upon the rock of pride. It seems to give joy but that is illusion. Pride only degrades the beauty in the picture, while humility reveals it.

Humility reveals. Pride conceals.

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