Keep Pushing, You’re Never Right

You don’t fear the blank page when you recognize your place in the creative world. Man is a powerful animal. He can overcome his problems if he’s determined. You can sit down and do the work. You can become better.

Your brain is the output of the animal that’s evolved for millions of years. The animal is still there even after you have self-awareness. Now you evolve for you own sake, you create your own models of reality. You don’t subscribe to the fashions of the animal. You can rise above and be better.

Inside you is still the animal. You still feel the pain, the urges, the fears. You feel the hunger and the glory. Understand yourself from this point of view.

The genetic material to create you, a self-aware human, can fit on a DVD. The thoughts, emotions, resentments, and longings have their origins in a molecule that’s squeezes and makes itself into something much bigger.

The potential is within you. Sit down and massage it into a useful form. Interact with the environment and your elegance will be revealed.

You have a powerful mind that can step into a problem and make real progress. When you are willing to understand you can boldly find a new path. Your brain has patterns that naturally pull out new ideas.

Be hopeful, for you are a human that can think and always create new ideas. You can communicate with others and cooperate to find the best solution. And a solution can always be improved.

As a reflecting creature you never know what you’ll get the next time you think.

Reflection is what advances us. We have brains that pick out problems and pull toward solutions. When little problems are solved you can solve bigger problems. Eventually you’ll have a massive snowball crushing problems in its wake.

We have left the planet. Talk about a big snowball.

Always push your boundary. Apply this principle: You can never be exactly right, so don’t be afraid of failure. Keep pushing and you’ll find more opportunities.

If you’re looking for opportunities, why not push your boundaries?

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