Liberty Comes from You

Every benefit must have a cost. The taste of cake comes at a cost. Skills you learn cost time. If everything has a cost, why assume political systems don’t?

The benefit might be an illusion. There might be unintended consequences that you didn’t know about.

An example would be minimum wage laws. They make it harder for inefficient workers to get jobs. For those people their situation becomes worse. If minimum wages are so great, why not set it at $100 an hour? If minimum wages help people, why wouldn’t that? It’s because it’s an illusion.

Human groups are not born competing against each other. They learn it. For some, laborers and owners must compete. These groups are historical accidents, they aren’t set in stone. The people change based on the system they’re in. In a bad system everyone is bad. There needs to be a way to progress and break from the past.

Groups of people shouldn’t have laws favoring them. This legal change has to come from the inside. You can’t fix a long-term problem with a short-term solution.

Sustainable progress often means stopping bad ideas. Sometimes nonsense needs to be cut to refine the system. As long as people impose their will on others government’s bad effects will outweigh the good.

The people in power are not the problem. The problem is there is power to control at all.

Restructuring the power means giving it back to individuals. Everyone must know what they’re pulling toward and everyone must pull together. To have a better system you must know what it is.

What system is good? There’s no perfect system. No one I’ve asked gives a straight answer about how exactly government should work. They want smarter people to decide. But by definition 50% of people are dumber than the average.

Government will always be manipulated to unjust ends. That’s the real problem. Injustice comes when people impose on others.

True liberty is each person understanding it. Most people spend 12 years in a government-run school. The school promotes government as necessary. This is a big barrier to overcome. People are led to believe it’s necessary or we’d all be killing each other.

It’s all so silly.

Government is not inevitable.

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